Monday, March 3, 2014

Month of Recovery - CARDIO MANIA

I mentioned it last week that I'm entering a month of no lifting as I try to let me elbows recover.

SO while I'm doing that, I'll be doing a lot of Cardio on the Elliptical.

So here's the link to my March Workout tracker if you're curious.

I did 32 minutes today using the MMA setting. I plan on adding 2 minutes to my daily session through Thursday. Rest Friday/Saturday. Then start the new week on Sunday with the same time I did on Thursday. This will add 8 minutes per week to the amount I'm doing.

Here's today's summary:
TypeMMA L8
HR (avg)138
HR (Max)167

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So little time

Well the last 5 weeks have been trying for my workout regime.

10 days out with a flu hitting in the middle of my workout schedule. Next week I'm back working out, and as I hadn't worked my legs in about 2 weeks, I had a bit of a pull in my right quad while doing my starting weight for abductions.

That put me out for another week.

Therefore, for the next month I will be hitting the gym with only 1 thing in mind, letting my injuries heal. I will be doing only cardio. I'm hoping to push toward doing 1 hour of cardio by the end of the month.

So from now until April I will only be doing Cardio at the gym, abs at home from my hanging straps, and I'm going to try to being my flexibility up and start doing some Yoga.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Wow....long time no update.

OK It's been forever since I last posted my workout...Trust me even with all kinds of stuff going on I've still been getting at least 2 days in per week.

Here's My January workout's on view only.

I've been dealing with the elbow issue, it's getting better, not 100% yet, but better.
Here's last weeks Cardio

I decided to up my time to 25 minutes to get a little more burn in hopefully cut some more fat off my frame...

datetypetimeHR (AVG/MAX)distanceMETS
1/12/2014MMA L612138/1561.36
1/13/2014MMA L822134/1662.495.2Monday
1/14/2014vet visit

1/15/2014make-up time

1/16/2014MMA L825134/1682.663.8Thursday
1/17/2014MMA L825137/1622.813.9Friday

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is finding the holidays treating you well.

With OT, injuries and XMas, I actually missed NINE days of working out. Felt horrible really, I had planned on going several days after work, but after last Monday's 11 hour day (12 hours with lunch) combined with getting up at 5:20 AM, i just couldn't pull it off. The weekend I wasn't able to swing by either. Mondays ended up being a 12 hours day plus lunch, and Tuesday was the last shopping day before XMas, and the gym closed early.

Finally got to the gym today!!!

I've starting tracking my gym stuff with a Drive Spreadsheet:

Here's todays spreadsheets, today was just a quick trip.
datetypetimeHR (AVG/MAX)distanceMETS

cardiodipsleg liftsbent knee lifts
20 min8126+6

WOOT! Loving the spreadsheets

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Quick Update

Nope, I haven't stopped working out, but life nailed me for keeping up with two blogs.

I'm still working out 3-4 days per week, it appears my cardio has really  paid off, as we were at CVS and I decided to test my blood pressure on a lark.

66 resting pulse...

Now, that's 4 months of working out, I had been mid 80s with my resting HUGE upgrade!!!

I'll be trying to get more updates done this week.

Friday, October 11, 2013

LEVEL UP! New Stats

Well after 10 weeks of working out, I think it's time to update my stats.

My self-diagnosed stats from 7/23/13 (Strength 12, Dexterity 12, Constitution 7).

My new Stats:
Strength 13/50 
     I'm benching 225# real bench. I can do 3 actual pull-ups now without an assist. My leg Strength is

Dexterity 12/50 
     I'm going to say my Dex hasn't improved too much, yet. A little bit, but not a massive amount.

Constitution 10/01
     This is where I've really improved over the last 10 weeks. I would put myself at low average for endurance. I don't get majorly winded anymore, I have to really push myself on the elliptical to get my heart rate up to 80%.

I will continue to push myself weekly. Loving working out again. I have actually started cardio days on my off-lift days. So Thursdays and Fridays, (and Saturdays we can't make Kung Fu), I will be rocking some extra cardio. Today I actually hit the treadmill...way harder than the elliptical, I did nearly a mile before my ankle demanded I switch to something lower impact.

My current supplements are Met-RX protein powder (from Trader Joe's) and Con-CRET creatine. (From CostCo)

If you are a nutritional supplement provider and wish to sponsor me, email me at
I refuse to use or support an supplements with Aspartame.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lessons for others

So since I've been going to Crunch, my daily weight has only fluctuated within a few pounds. I started at 238 1/2 pounds. This entire week I've been weighing in at 235-238. Thus after 2 weeks, I've lost fat but I haven't lost any weight whatsoever. My clothing fits better, I feel better; that's what matters.

1. When you start working out, you have to burn the fat out of your muscles first.

2. You lose fat from the last place you put fat on last.

3. Being healthy is more important than appearance.